100+ Pick Up Lines for a Lawyer: Win Over Your Crush In Court

As a lawyer, you tend to spend most of your day researching cases, reading legal briefs, negotiating contracts, and defending clients. But just because you’re a legal practitioner doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun and show off your sense of humor. One of the best ways to do that is by using pick-up lines for Lawyer!

Pick-up lines have been around for centuries, and they are a great way to start a conversation and break the ice with someone you’re interested in. In this article, we have compiled a list of over 100 pick-up lines that you can use as a lawyer to impress your crush and make them laugh. So, gear up and get ready to drop some legal pickup lines!

What are Pick Up Lines for a Lawyer and How They Help?

Pick-up lines are usually pre-planned phrases that are meant to start a conversation or express romantic or sexual attraction towards someone. They can be funny, cheesy, dirty, or witty. When it comes to lawyers, pick-up lines are a great way to display their wit and humor, and they help initiate conversation with someone they are interested in.

As a lawyer, it can be tough to meet new people or create a romantic connection while working long hours. That’s where pick-up lines for a lawyer come in handy. They not only help lawyers break the ice and initiate a conversation, but they also show their interest in someone they find attractive.

By choosing the appropriate pick-up line, lawyers can impress their crush and leave a lasting impression. Whether they’re funny or cheesy, lawyers can use these pick-up lines to attract their crush’s attention and show off their unique personality traits.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the list of 100+ pick-up lines for lawyers!

Best Pick Up Lines for a Lawyer

  • “Can I file a motion for summary judgment in your heart?”
  • “I’d like to object to the fact that you’re not sitting next to me right now.”
  • “You must have a background in law because you’ve captured my heart with your closing arguments.”
  • “Are you a tort? Because being without you is causing me emotional distress.”
  • “I’m not an expert in the law of attraction, but I can tell it’s working between us.”
  • “Excuse me, would you happen to have a copy of the rules of civil procedure? I seem to have lost my copy… twice.”
  • “I think my trial of life would be much better if you were the judge.”
  • “If I were a Supreme Court justice, I’d make sure we’d have a 5-4 majority on the issue of you and me.”
  • “I’m not a judge, but I’d love to hold you in contempt.”
  • “Can I buy you a drink or do you prefer a motion for a mistrial?”
  • “If I were writing a legal brief about you, I’d argue that you’re guilty of stealing my heart.”
  • “Is your name ‘res iudicata’? Because you’ve already made me your final decision.”
  • “Excuse me, do you know where the nearest law library is? Because I need to research how to win your heart.”
  • “If I behaved this way in court, they’d hold me in contempt…of you.”
  • “Do you have any objections to me buying you a drink?”
  • “I bet I can name all 12 jurors in the trial of your love.”
  • “Excuse me, but can I use your deposition as an excuse to ask you out for drinks?”
  • “You’re my favorite exhibit, and I don’t want to close my case.”
  • “Is your name Amicus Curiae? Because you have a special place in the court of my heart.”

Funny Pick Up Lines for a Lawyer

  • “Are you a tort lawyer? Because you just intentionally inflicted emotional distress on my heart.”
  • “You must be a court ruling because your beauty is an undisputed fact.”
  • “Can I file a lawsuit against you for stealing my heart?”
  • “Are you a subpoena? Because you just compelled me to come closer.”
  • “If I were filing a complaint, it would be that you’re not with me right now.”
  • “Do you have a law degree in kissology? Because you just stole my breath away.”
  • “You must be a legal brief because you’ve got me reading between the lines.”
  • “I feel like I’m in trial every time I’m around you because I’m always trying to impress the jury (which is you).”
  • “I’d love to object to your absence from my life, but I don’t have a legal standing.”
  • “You must be an expert witness because you’ve got me convinced that you’re the one for me.”
  • “I’m not a lawyer, but I’d love to try and pass the bar with you.”
  • “I put the ‘pro’ in prosecco and the ‘law’ in flawlessly charming.”
  • “I’m not sure what your policy is on dating attorneys, but I think we can make an exception.”
  • “Do you have an opening statement for why you haven’t gone out with me yet?”
  • “I hope you don’t mind if I subpoena you for a date.”
  • “You must be a judge because your beauty is overruling my heart.”
  • “I’m not a lawyer, but I think I could convince you to go out with me in just a couple of sentences.”

Dirty Pick Up Lines for a Lawyer

  • “I’m starting to believe in the discovery phase because the more time I spend with you, the more I find.”
  • “You must be the Miranda warning because anything you say can and will be used against you… in bed.”
  • “I’m an expert in oral arguments, and I’d love to prove it to you.”
  • “There’s something about you that makes me want to call an emergency injunction to keep you close to me.”
  • “I’d love to be the habeas corpus to your body and make sure you don’t get held against your will.”
  • “I’d love to thoroughly examine your case and I promise to be very thorough.”
  • “I hope you don’t object to a little bit of exploration because I’d love to start by exploring your curves.”
  • “You must be a statutory rape case because you’re killing me softly with your beauty.”
  • “Can I make a motion for a discovery of your body? I promise to be gentle.”
  • “I hope you have a legal cause of action because I’m suing you for stealing my heart.”
  • “I may not have appeal, but I can still please you in ways not covered by the appellate courts.”
  • “I’m filing a motion to include you in the defendant list because you’ve been accused of stealing my heart.”
  • “You must have picked up a degree in sexy law because you’ve become the cause of all my fantasies.”
  • “I want to make you writhe with pleasure so much that you’ll sue me for assault.”
  • “I’m like a statute book, full of provisions just waiting to be explored.”

Cheesy Pick Up Lines for a Lawyer

  • “If I were your client, I’d definitely plead guilty to being in love with you.”
  • “You are the only legalese that I can get behind.”
  • “If I were a legal case, you’d be the winning verdict that everyone had been waiting for.”
  • “Are you a subpoena? Because you just ordered me to date you.”
  • “I’d love to be the legal brief to your judge and have you presiding over me.”
  • “I’m suing you for being too gorgeous to resist.”
  • “If words were currency, you would be my only legal tender.”
  • “Are you a contract? Because you have all of my love terms and conditions.”
  • “I’m making a motion for a restraining order against the distance between us.”
  • “Your beauty is a valid legal defense to any charge of impoliteness.”
  • “I’m willing to waive the attorney-client privilege if it means I get to have you.”
  • “I’d love to appeal to your heart and convince you that we belong together.”
  • “I’m willing to be held in contempt and pay the fine if it means I get to be by your side.”
  • “I’m willing to sign any legal contract, as long as it involves you and me.”
  • “If we were in a legal battle, I would only lose on purpose so that I could see you more.”
  • “You can charge me with whatever damages you want, but make sure that it includes the damages to my heart.”
  • “I’m filing a motion for a trial so that I can prove to you that we belong together.”
  • “I’m willing to waive my right to remain silent, but only if you promise to listen.”
  • “You’re the perfect closing argument to all my lonely nights.”
  • “I’m convinced that you must be a legal genius because you’ve captured my heart.”

New Pick Up Lines for a Lawyer

  • “If I were your case, you’d win the verdict for being the most attractive lawyer ever.”
  • “I may not be a legal expert, but I know how to plead the fifth when it comes to your beauty.”
  • “I’m a legal practitioner, and I can’t resist the appeal in your eyes.”
  • “I’d like to docket some time for a date with you.”
  • “You have my solemn promise; I’ll never object to spending time with you.”
  • “I’m willing to bet on a mistrial because all I want is to spend more time with you.”
  • “Can I file a motion to declare you the most beautiful lawyer ever?”
  • “If love were a legal case, I’d be asking for a continuance so that I could spend more time with you.”
  • “I’m willing to challenge every legal precedent just to prove that we belong together.”
  • “You’re the only brief that I’m willing to read from cover to cover.”
  • “I’m a firm believer in the right to remain silent, at least until I can convince you to date me.”
  • “I’m willing to keep researching until I find the perfect way to ask you out.”
  • “I have a good faith belief that we would make a great couple.”
  • “My heart’s evidence is that it beats faster every time I’m around you.”
  • “I’m willing to waive any objections if it means I get to spend time with you.”

Flirting Pick Up Lines for a Lawyer for Tinder

  • “Can I make an objection? You’re stealing my heart with every swipe.”
  • “If we were a legal case, we’d be the perfect example of a happy ending.”
  • “You must be the plaintiff, because my heart is the defendant, and you’ve just won the case.”
  • “Are you a legal brief? Because you’ve certainly got me interested in your case.”
  • “You must be a master of cross-examination, because you’re uncovering all of the feelings I didn’t even know I had for you.”
  • “I’m not sure what your billing rate is, but I’m willing to pay any price to have a date with you.”
  • “I’d love to file a motion for a continuance so that I can keep swiping right on you.”
  • “You must have a degree in seduction law because you’re making it impossible for me to resist you.”
  • “I’m willing to waive any conflicts of interest if it means I get to be with you.”
  • “I’m convinced that you must be a legal genius, because you’re winning my heart without even trying.”
  • “If we were jury members, I’m pretty sure we’d be pleading guilty to falling in love with each other.”
  • “I’m willing to make a plea deal to get a date with you, as long as it includes a second one.”
  • “I’m not sure what the statute of limitations is on falling in love, but all I know is that I’ve fallen hard for you.”
  • “I’d love to have a legal argument with you about why we should be together.”
  • “If I were a legal document, my terms and conditions would be to spend every moment with you.”
  • “You’re the only legal brief that I’m willing to read every word of.”

How to Start a Pick Up Lines for a Lawyer

Lawyers are some of the smartest, most successful, and attractive people out there. If you’re interested in courting a lawyer, you need the right pick-up lines to make a good first impression. We’ve compiled a list of pick-up lines specifically for lawyers, from flirtatious and cheesy to smart and sophisticated.

  • “Excuse me, do you have a minute to spare for a non-legal matter?”
  • “I hope you don’t mind me interrupting you, but could I ask you a legal question?”
  • “Hi, I couldn’t help but notice your impressive briefcase. Do you always carry such important documents with you?”
  • “Pardon me for saying this, but you look like you could use a little break from all the legal talk. Mind if I tell you a joke?”
  • “Hey there, I bet you’re a great debater. How about we have a friendly argument over drinks later?”

Remember to be respectful and considerate, as not everyone may be open to pick-up lines. It’s best to read the situation and judge whether your approach is appropriate or not. Good luck!

Key Takeaway

Lawyers are some of the busiest and most successful people out there, which is why pick-up lines can be a great way to catch their attention and make a good first impression. By using smart, flirtatious, or cheesy pick-up lines, you can start a conversation and potentially build a meaningful relationship. Remember to use pick-up lines at the right time and be confident, be yourself, and keep trying until you find the right line that works for you.

If you’re interested in courting a lawyer, a good pick up line can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or a fun fling, using clever and well-crafted pick-up lines can help you stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression. With our list of pick-up lines for lawyers, you’re sure to find the perfect opening line to catch the eye of the lawyer you’re interested in. Just remember to be confident, be yourself, and have fun! Regenerate response

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