105+ Glasses Pick Up Lines: See Your Way to Success

Are you in search of some creative, funny, or cheesy pick-up lines specifically for those who wear glasses? Well, look no further. We have gathered a comprehensive list of the best pick-up lines that will help you break the ice and impress that special someone with spectacles. So, whether you want to flirt outrageously, make someone laugh, or simply show off your wit, we’ve got you covered.

Glasses pick-up lines are the perfect way to start a conversation with someone who has a unique accessory. These pick-up lines are creative and convey a good sense of humor while paying attention to the person’s glasses. By using these lines, not only will you be able to start a conversation effortlessly, but you’ll also be able to compliment the person while showing off your own personality.

What are Glasses Pick Up Lines & How They Help?

For those uninitiated in the art of the pick-up, glasses pick-up lines are flirty or witty phrases that you can use to meet someone new. The best thing about using these lines is that they are tailored specifically for people who wear glasses, making the conversation icebreaker more personalized. These lines can assist you in initiating and hopefully developing a conversation with someone you might have had your eye on.

Glasses pick-up lines bring personality to your approach and can make anyone feel appreciated and special. They can help you make someone else’s day and boost your own confidence in the process.

Best Glasses Pick Up Lines

  • You look as sharp as the edges of those glasses.
  • Are you a library book? ‘Cause I’m checking you out.
  • Your glasses look cute. But they’d look better on my nightstand.
  • Did you know wearing glasses makes you 99% more attractive?
  • You must be a wordsmith because your glasses are a spectacle to behold.
  • Do your glasses have a compass? I think I’ve become lost in your eyes.
  • I wish I needed glasses, so I could focus on you better.
  • Your glasses look as delicate as the eye gaze behind them.
  • Do you use glasses for the computer? Because I think you might be zoomed in on my heart.
  • It’s a wonder why the glasses stay on your face; they should be on mine.
  • Are you a magician? Because when I look at you, everyone else disappears.
  • The curvature on your lenses matches the one in your smile.
  • Do your glasses have a prescription for love?
  • I can’t offer you a drink, but I think we can both agree that our glasses are already full.
  • I’ll bet you didn’t know that those glasses come with a complimentary date.
  • Your glasses make you look like the superhero of reading books.
  • I’ve already misplaced my heart. Can I borrow your glasses to help me find it?
  • Can we pretend that your glasses are a map, and I need directions to your heart?
  • I’d like to get lost in the library with you and your glasses.
  • Those glasses would look great on my bedside table.
  • You must not get enough Vitamin D because you’re shining like an angel in those glasses.
  • Your glasses are reflecting lots of feelings that my eyes are hoping to help process.
  • Is it hot in here, or is it just the fire in your glasses?
  • Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice. Hi, I’m [insert your name].
  • You must be related to Google because you have everything I’ve been searching for.

Funny Glasses Pick Up Lines

  • Are your glasses fashion statements or safety precautions?
  • What is your prescription? I have a feeling it’s “forever.”
  • Your glasses are like training wheels for the eyes.
  • Do your glasses come with a rewind button, so we can keep replaying this moment?
  • Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?
  • Are you wearing glasses because of your eyes or to restrain my heart?
  • You know the majority of people wear pieces of clothing to hide something… but I’m guessing that’s not what your glasses are doing.
  • I’m an optometrist’s worst nightmare because you just blew off my contact lenses.
  • Mirror, mirror, on your specs, will you help me take a quick text?
  • I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was that transparent to you.
  • You probably think this pick-up line is about you, don’t you?
  • Your glasses remind me of Google, you have everything I’m searching for.
  • I’m not a genie, but I can make your glasses disappear with just one look.
  • Do you have a chart to measure how much you’ve captured my heart with those glasses?
  • I think we should switch glasses. Yours look like they’ve seen some things.
  • Sorry for staring, but I just can’t take my eyes off you and your glasses.
  • Your glasses look like they have a lot of knowledge to share. Can I pick your brain too?
  • Do you have vision problems? ‘Cause I’m seeing sparks between us.
  • If you were a book, I would take you out on a date without delay.
  • You must be a scientist because you’re testing the limits of gorgeousness with those glasses.
  • Your glasses are so cute; I could wear them as earrings.
  • You remind me of a crossword puzzle, I can’t seem to solve you.
  • I may not be an optometrist, but I can give you a vision of a future together.
  • You don’t need to adjust your glasses. Everything you’re seeing is real.
  • Just so you know, if those glasses get lost – I’m always available as a replacement.

Dirty Glasses Pick Up Lines

  • I’d take off my glasses for you, but I don’t think you’re ready for what’s underneath.
  • Your glasses must be polarized. I can’t take my eyes off them.
  • Let’s get dirty and take off those glasses.
  • Do you wear glasses to bed? ‘Cause I think I can help you answer that question tonight.
  • Let’s stop fooling around, and you can put your dirty glasses all over me.
  • I bet your glasses have a great view of your bed.
  • You don’t need protection; I got glasses.
  • You won’t need to squint if you’re with me in bed tonight.
  • Can I press my glasses against yours so we can become near-sighted together?
  • Do you have a mirror in your pocket because I can see myself undressing you right here.
  • Your glasses must be steamy right now ’cause you’re making me hot.
  • Would you like to come to my house and get distracted from your priorities?
  • Let’s take things to the next level – do you want to try on my glasses?
  • Can I come over to your place and see if your glasses match your bra?
  • The way you wear glasses is so naughty that I need to put on mine.

Cheesy Glasses Pick Up Lines

  • You must be someone’s Bono because those glasses are “U2” cool.
  • You must wear glasses, cause you caught my eye.
  • Are you an astronomer? Because those specs look out of this world.
  • Do you know what my glasses and I have in common? They both have a crush on you.
  • I think your glasses are made from the finest, and I’m that rare book you picked.
  • You must be a painter because you appeal to the art lover in me.
  • Do you know why I love people who wear glasses? They know how to see things better.
  • I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together with your glasses on.
  • Your glasses seem as intelligent as you are.
  • If loving your glasses is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.
  • I wish I were a glasses cleaning cloth because I could rub your gears all day long.
  • Can I borrow your glasses because every time I look at you, I see my future?
  • I think your glasses are more enchanting than Harry Potter’s cloak.
  • You must have gone to Hogwarts because those glasses are magical.
  • Your glasses are like your eyes, they both reveal a lot about your personality.
  • I’m envious of your high-definition look – it must be because of your glasses.
  • I think your spectacles help you to see more than just text on a page.
  • You shouldn’t be allowed to wear glasses; you’re burning too brightly.
  • Your glasses are so stylish that they’re on my wish-list.
  • You must wear glasses to protect all the insight in your eyes.
  • Is there something on your glasses? Cause you keep catching my attention.
  • Why don’t you try on my glasses so you can see how beautiful you look with them on?
  • Let’s write a book together; maybe it could be called “Two People With Glasses Catch Each Other.”
  • Your glasses make you look studious, but I know there’s a party animal in you.
  • You’re so hot that I’ll need a pair of polarized glasses just to look at you.

New Glasses Pick Up Lines

  • Your glasses are easier to read than any map I’ve followed before.
  • You must get a lot of compliments on those specs, but maybe not as many as I’m about to give you.
  • Do you wear glasses because you’re trying to hide the fact that you can see straight into my soul?
  • I have plenty of pickup lines but let’s get straight to the point – are you free this weekend?
  • I can’t wait to get to know you better and the glasses on top of your nose are a great start.
  • I don’t have to read the fine print to see that you’re a catch.
  • I think we both have something in common – our love for books and glasses.
  • Have you ever met someone with glasses so good-looking it’s hard to tell where the frames end and the person begins?
  • I’m grateful I didn’t forget my glasses today; otherwise, I might have missed the chance to talk to you.
  • If I could see with your eyes through your glasses, then I would be content to have perfect vision for the rest of my life.
  • I’m not saying that glasses are the only reason why I’m into you, but they certainly don’t hurt your look.
  • I’d love to be your prescription, so I could be the one to make you see things more clearly.
  • I hope you never lose your glasses because they are so perfect that they would be impossible to replace.
  • You know, I might need glasses to see properly, but I don’t need them to see how great you look.
  • Don’t think I’m just looking for a good book to read; I’m hoping to find a good-looking person who wears glasses.

Flirting Glasses Pick Up Lines for Tinder

  • If people were prescriptions, you’d be the one I’d keep coming back to.
  • The only thing I need more than a refill of my contact lens is you.
  • Want to go on an adventure and see the world through both of our glasses?
  • You make hearts-racing faster than first-day contact with new glasses.
  • You know what’s more interesting than a book? Meeting someone like you who wears glasses.
  • Your glasses can block the sun, but I won’t let them stop us from seeing each other again.
  • If you’re a mystery novel, then I’d be happy to spend my days searching for all the clues.
  • My favorite eyewear is your glasses be it plain, round, or square.
  • Let’s skip the small talk and get right to the part where we exchange numbers.
  • Those glasses are so clear; I feel like I can see straight into your heart.
  • I hope that when you’re finished reading the book, we get a chance to write our own story.
  • If you’re looking for glasses, then I’m the one who matches your style, and it might be the time for us to match.
  • I’ve heard around town that you’re looking for a new frame, how about mine?
  • We don’t have to be the same type of person, but we can both agree that glasses are attractive.
  • Would you like to read something written by someone other than an author? With that smile, sign me up.
  • I was unsure where my glasses were when I first saw you, but then I saw I had them on.
  • Do you know if your glasses are scratch-resistant because I don’t want to damage them while getting close to you?
  • When it comes to people wearing glasses, you stand head and shoulders above the rest.
  • Do you need goggles to get swimming or are you brave enough to jump in with me?
  • I’m not sure what kind of book you’re reading, but I would love to be a part of it.

Top Glasses Pick Up Lines Over Text

  • Your glasses are giving shivers to my virtual spine – you’re very enchanting.
  • So what’s your favorite book? Would you like to have a discussion about it via text?
  • Do you have any spare batteries? Because I think I’ve found someone who is causing my heart to race.
  • Want to hang out over text? We can test the power of our glasses.
  • Hey, I know we haven’t met before but don’t you think that glasses give us a sense of commonality?
  • I would love to swap glasses with you someday, but for now, can I at least get your number?
  • Those glasses are shining like little stars, I think I’m going to need some sunglasses to see better.
  • Reading with glasses is great, but reading your texts is even better.
  • I’m not an optometrist, but I think we have a connection that’s stronger than your prescription lenses.
  • I’m seeing a lot of potential in you and your glasses. Do you want to explore that with me over text?

Glasses Pick Up Lines for Online Dating

  • Out of hundreds of profiles I’ve seen today, your glasses caught my attention the most.
  • I’ve seen a lot of glasses online, but none stood out to me like yours.
  • Want to compare notes on the best books to read with glasses on?
  • You have a style that can’t be beaten, and your glasses add to that beauty.
  • You must know some secrets because your glasses are making me wonder if there’s more to you.
  • Let’s swap glasses and see who can come up with the best pickup line.
  • I don’t need glasses to see that you’re attractive, but I can appreciate the accessory.
  • You look like someone who isn’t afraid to stand out, and those glasses provide an extra boost.
  • I’m intrigued by your profile, and those glasses are giving me further reason to explore this further.
  • I’m not sure if your glasses need a prescription, but I’m willing to read anything you have to say in your messages.

How to Start or Open a Glasses Pick Up Lines

Starting a conversation with someone you like can be nerve-wracking. If you’re into people who wear glasses, it can be helpful to have some pick up lines in your back pocket. Glasses pick up lines can be charming, clever, funny, or even a little flirty. Here are some tips on how to start or open a glasses pick up line:

  • Compliment their glasses: Starting with a compliment is always a good idea. You could say something like “I love your glasses, they look great on you.” This will not only show that you’re interested in their glasses, but also that you’ve noticed something about them that you find attractive.
  • Make a witty observation: You can also start a glasses pick up line by making a witty observation about their glasses. For example, “Are those glasses made by Google? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for.”
  • Connect with a common interest: If you notice that the person you’re interested in is reading a book or wearing glasses for work, you can use that as an opening for a pick up line. For example, “What book are you reading? I need a suggestion for my next read.”
  • Be playful: Glasses pick up lines can be playful and fun. For example, “I’m sorry, I missed what you said. I was lost in your glasses.” This will make the other person smile and also show that you’re interested in them.
  • Avoid being too cheesy: While a little cheesiness can be cute, too much of it can come off as insincere or odd. It’s best to avoid pick up lines that are too over-the-top or cringy.

Key Takeaway

  • Starting a glasses pick up line can be done through compliments, witty observations, common interests, and playful banter.
  • It’s important to avoid being too cheesy in your approach
  • If you’re interested in someone who wears glasses, using a pick up line can be a great way to start a conversation. Remember to be authentic, specific, and playful in your approach. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to break the ice and hopefully make a connection with someone special.

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