101+ Dentist Pick Up Lines: Filling the Gap in Your Love Life

Are you a dentist or a dental patient looking for some fun and flirty banter? Look no further as we have compiled an extensive list of 100+ dentist pick up lines, a perfect way to get a smile from your crush. Whether you want to be cheesy, funny, or even dirty, there’s a pick-up line for everyone in this article.

Dental work can often seem intimidating, but with the right pick-up line, it can also be a gateway to your love interest’s heart. So, read on and discover some ways to overcome the fear of romance and leave your crush wanting more.

What are Dentist Pick Up Lines & How They Help

Pick-up lines are a form of opening lines used to start a conversation, often with the intention of getting the person interested in the speaker. Dentist pick-up lines are a collection of phrases, puns, or wordplays that relate to dentistry and oral hygiene. They work as conversation starters that break the ice and spark the interest of your romantic interest.

This type of pick-up line offers a unique opportunity to display your cleverness and sense of humor while highlighting your connection to the dental profession and oral hygiene. It helps to calm the nerves and break the awkwardness of the initial conversation.

Best Dentist Pick Up Lines

  • Do you believe in love at first bite, or should I walk by again?
  • Excuse me, but can you advise me on ways to prevent tooth decay? I think you’ve stolen my heart.
  • Your smile is brighter than my GuardLite whitening trays.
  • I’m a dentist – want me to fill your cavities?
  • Are you a root canal? Because I can’t stop staring at you.
  • You must be a dental hygienist because you just cleaned my heart.
  • My love, you are like a dental x-ray; you are exposing the truth of my feelings.
  • Excuse me, can you help me floss out your number?
  • Your smile is the only crown I need.
  • I’ve got some cavities I’d like you to fill.
  • I hope my dentistry puns aren’t going over your head – it would be fill-ings.
  • Are you fluoride? Because every time you’re near, my heart races.
  • I’ve got jaw-dropping news; you stole my heart.
  • Do you have a dentist? Because you are causing a cavity in my heart.
  • I know what I’d like for my next dental procedure: the extraction of your phone number.
  • Your smile is as bright as the perfect pair of veneers.
  • Admittance to your heart isn’t possible, but I’ll be sure to leave a referral.
  • Are you a tooth fairy? Because you’ve been running through my mind all night.
  • I’d brush twice a day if it meant seeing you more.
  • I’m no dentist, but I sure know a few techniques that could brighten up your smile.
  • Excuse me if you got the feeling of getting a root canal, it’s just your bone structure that vibrates me.
  • You’re the filling I’ve been looking for to complete my set of teeth.
  • I’m no oral surgeon, but I can fix your broken heart.
  • I’m no dentist, but I think your teeth are the missing piece of my puzzle.
  • My heart races faster than a drill in your hands, will you give it a try?

Funny Dentist Pick Up Lines

  • Are you a toothache? Because I want to drill you out of my mind.
  • Would you like me to give you a root canal? Because I’m a specialist in filling your desires.
  • Are you an oral surgeon? Because you just blew my mind away.
  • I must be a dental mirror because I can’t resist checking you out.
  • I think we would make a great team; you clean teeth, and I fix them.
  • Is it me, or does your smile have a natural fluoride flavor?
  • It’s no accident you’re looking at me. I’m brushing up on my social skills.
  • Do you have good dental health? You’ve got my heart racing.
  • I have a toothache, but I hope to kiss you and make it better.
  • Is this dental bonding? Because I think we’re t-e-th-e-r.
  • What’s the difference between a dentist and a thief? A dentist lets you keep your teeth-k.
  • Can you give me a dental floss? Because I’m getting tangled in your love.
  • Excuse me, do you have some sugar? I’m trying to raise my pH level.
  • Can you be my valentine? I’m a bit more than the recommended dosage of anesthesia right now.
  • You’ve got some nice molars. Want to go out and chew on some carrots together?
  • I like your bite and can’t resist the urge to get a taste of it.
  • Dental hygiene is essential. Mind if I teach you how to brush properly?
  • Do you have a fluoride addiction? Because every time you’re near, I get a cavity.
  • I’m a dental floss, and I want you to get rid of the plaque in my life.
  • Are you a dental implant? Because you’ve got me feeling brand new.
  • Can I check your spacing and alignment? I’m the only orthodontist you’ll ever need.
  • Excuse me, do you have a mirror? I need to see if I’ve fallen for you already.
  • Are you a toothbrush? Because I want to place you in my mouth for a long time.
  • Do you believe in love at first brush? 14. I might need braces, but I hope my love won’t be hard to swallow.

Dirty Dentist Pick Up Lines

  • I’ll be your dentist today, but I’d also like to be your oral slave.
  • I’d like to drill you in places you’ve never been drilled before.
  • Your mouth deserves some serious attention from my mouth.
  • I have a vibrating toothbrush at home, want to come and see it?
  • Can I be your dental floss tonight? I’d like to get between your teeth.
  • Want to feel the power of my electric drill?
  • Do you want to see my tongue depressor?
  • I think my dental dam will fit you like a glove.
  • Do you know the difference between my toothbrush and my tongue? I’d like to show you.
  • Is it just me, or are we both getting turned on by this tooth extraction?
  • I’d like to polish your pearl and give you a reason to smile.
  • I’d like to fill you up with anesthetic before working on your cavities.
  • Can I floss your teeth with my tongue?
  • Do you want me to wear a mask while working on your cavity?
  • Can I give you a personalized teeth cleaning treatment?
  • I’d like to be your tongue and tickle you in all the right places.
  • I can’t resist biting and nibbling on your lips.
  • Can I be your oral surgeon for the night?
  • If I skip your cleaning appointment, would you take a ride on my drill?
  • Can I take a bite of your forbidden fruit?
  • Are you into role-playing? How about we play dentist and patient?
  • I’d like to give you a thorough tongue exam.
  • My tongue can get into places where conventional toothbrushes can’t.
  • I’d like to treat your oral fixation with my mouth.
  • Are you a tooth? You make me want to grind all night.

Cheesy Dentist Pick Up Lines

  • I’m a dentist, but when I saw you, my heart skipped a beat.
  • Is your name Gingivitis? Because I’d like to treat you and keep you around forever.
  • Do you want me to check your pulse? Because I think you’ve got a smile that’ll make anyone’s heart race.
  • Excuse me, can you help me find my toothbrush? I can’t seem to brush you off my mind.
  • I’d like to floss with you every night and never miss a day.
  • Are you a toothbrush? Because every time I see you, I get excited about my brushing routine.
  • Do you have any dental pain? Because every time I see you, my heart hurts.
  • Your smile is alike an orthodontic appliance; it’s perfect for any occasion.
  • I’ve got a toothache, but I think you have the cure.
  • I’m trying to keep my teeth bright and healthy, but your smile is making me weak in the knees.
  • My heart is like a dental chair, ready to be filled with you.
  • Excuse me, do you have a referral for a broken heart?
  • Your smile is the only thing that needs straightening, the rest is perfect.
  • You’re my sugar-free gum; I can’t stop chewing on you.
  • Can I check you for gum disease? Because I’d like to get to the root of our problems.
  • I’m like a toothbrush, I’ll be the only thing you’ll need in your life.
  • Do you have a bitewing because I’d like to see what’s going on inside your mind?
  • Your teeth are so white that I need sunglasses to look at them.
  • Are you my dental assistant? Because you’re making my heart race.
  • Excuse me, but I think we share a connection. The two of us are like floss – we’d be good for each other.
  • You must be the result of braces, because you’re perfectly aligned.
  • Can I be your dental insurance? I’d like to cover you every night.
  • I’d like to crown you my queen of the dental kingdom.
  • Excuse me, do you have some toothpaste? You’re so sweet; you’re giving me cavities.
  • You’ll be my filling, and I’ll be your cavity protector.

New Dentist Pick Up Lines

  • My hands are trained to do fillings, but they’d rather hold yours.
  • I’m a dental student, and I’d like to be your teacher tonight.
  • I’m more accurate than a dental X-ray; I know we are meant to be together.
  • Excuse me, but do you have a dental emergency? Because my heart is about to explode with feelings for you.
  • I don’t give out dental recommendations lightly, but you’re a keeper.
  • I’m not just filling your cavities tonight; I’m filling your heart with love.
  • Can I take a bite of your toothpaste? Because your smile is contagious.
  • I’m an experienced dentist, but you’re still a mystery to be solved.
  • My hands might be shaking from too much caffeine, but my heart is steady and true for you.
  • I’m confident that brushing and flossing three times a day won’t compare to the effects of a kiss from you.
  • Are you my dental implant? Because you’re the only thing I need to feel complete.
  • I’m not looking to extract your teeth, but I’d like to extract your heart.
  • My dental work is precise and detailed, but I’d like to improvise when it comes to showing my love for you.
  • I’m not just fixing tooth decay; I’m fixing the loneliness in my heart with you.
  • Can I take your mouth on a date? Because I’d like to explore it thoroughly.

Flirting Dentist Pick Up Lines for Tinder

Flirting on dating apps can be a challenge, but with these dentist pick up lines for Tinder, you’ll have a higher chance of matching and getting a response from your potential match.

  • Do you need a root canal? Because I have one that needs filling.
  • Do you have a dental referral? Because I’d like to refer you to my heart.
  • Can I be your dental hygienist? Because I’d like to floss with you every night.
  • Are you a dentist? Because your smile has straightened out my life.
  • I’m not a dentist, but I know a thing or two about filling holes.
  • Can I be your dental assistant? Because I’d like to help you keep a bright and healthy smile.
  • Are you my dental insurance? Because I’d like to cover you all night long.
  • I’m a toothbrush, and I’ll guarantee a sparkling smile when you’re done with me.
  • I’m like a tooth fairy, but instead of teeth, I’ll take your heart away.
  • Are you a night guard? Because I’d like to protect you while you sleep.
  • I’m like a toothpaste tube; I’ll be there for you every morning and night.
  • You must be fluoride, because my attraction to you is getting stronger every day.
  • Do you have dental insurance? Because you’ve got my heart racing.
  • Excuse me, but I think your smile needs some adjusting, so I’ll adjust it with a kiss.
  • I’m a dentist, and I’d like to fill your cavities with love.
  • Do you feel a bit of pain? Because every time I see you, my heart aches for you.
  • I’m not here to drill you, but I’d like to test your bite.
  • Excuse me if I seem familiar; I’m your dental expert on Tinder.
  • I’m like a dental x-ray; I can see a future with you in my life.
  • Do you have any cavities that need filling? Because I’d like to be your dental hero.

Top Dentist Pick Up Lines over Text

If you’re too nervous to talk to your crush in person or on the phone, texting might be your preferred method of communication. These top dentist pick up lines for texting can help you show your romantic interest without feeling too overwhelmed.

  • I’m a dentist, but when it comes to you, I’m lost for words.
  • Can you be my dental floss for life? Because I can’t get enough of you.
  • Your smile is like a work of art; it deserves to be taken care of.
  • I’m not just checking your teeth for cavities; I’m checking my heart for love.
  • You’re the only patient on my mind.
  • I’m like a toothbrush, but instead of cleaning teeth, I’m cleaning my heart of loneliness with you.
  • You’ve got the most beautiful teeth, but it’s your heart that makes me smile the most.
  • Excuse me, do you have some sugar? Because your sweetness is making me fall for you.
  • I’m not just a dentist; I’m also an expert on matters of the heart.
  • I’d like to take a bite out of life with you, teeth and all.


Whether you’re a dentist looking to flirt with a patient or a romantic looking to woo someone in the dental field, there’s a pick-up line for every occasion. From cheesy to dirty, funny to sweet, these dentist pick up lines are sure to make an impression. Just remember to be confident, respectful, and have fun with it – after all, love can be a bit like pulling teeth sometimes!

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